An Easy Reconciliation Love Spell

Feb 04

If you have split with someone and want to get back together, then you need to prepare and cast a Reconciliation Spell. The purpose of the Reconciliation Spell is to reconnect your soul energies, as the ties between them will have been damaged or severed by the actions of one or both of you.

As always with a situation where there has been conflict, consult an oracle (Tarot Cards, Rune Stones, etc.) to see whether it is favourable to get back together. You may choose to use a psychic or intuitive to work the divination as in this sort of situation you may well be best seeking an objective view as by the nature of your desire you have already decided the answer you want to hear.

If your choice is to continue with a reconciliation spell then you should contemplate the nature of the reconciliation. Begin by recalling as vividly as you can all the good times you had with the person, use a photo album if you have one to add a visual dimension and play some the songs that you shared with them. This brings your senses into play and will start to heal the bond between you. While doing this notice the feelings that are arising, if you start to feel any anger or blame, immediately stand up and say “Stop”. This will interrupt the negative thought and if you do it each time you with find that the anger or blame reduces each time.

Once you are feeling a strong love for your reconciliation target then take a white candle, a red candle and a pink candle and place them in a row either on a table or altar. If you have a picture of both of you happy together place that in front of the line of candles (or find individual pictures where you are both happy), place some rose quartz on the pictures and if you have some jasmine incense place that on the table too.

Put on a series of love songs or music that makes you feel love. Light the incense and then light the candles in turn and while lighting them recite the following:
“I see my love
I feel my love
Unconditionally I take you back
Unconditionally I come to you
The wounds are healed
The love returns
Back together to love, to hold, to heal each other.
I thank you.”

Pick up the rose quartz and the pictures, hold the quartz in your left hand and the pictures in your right and visualise energy building round your heart and then release it and see it envelop the pictures and the crystal. Sustain the energy as long as you can. Once you are finished blow the candles out in reverse order. Then give thanks to your deities or the universal energy. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and relax with a cup of rose petal tea.

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3 Responses to “An Easy Reconciliation Love Spell”

  1. angel nelly says:

    Good day sir/ma, please i want you to help me in this problem my husband has neglet me since
    three months now with a boy, please i want you to help me recollect his body,heart and soul
    so that he will not thinking of anybody except me in his life. Thank you.
    sir/ma,,,,,you can reply me on this email address ………………………………….THNK YOU I WILL BE EXPECTING YOUR REPLY PLEASE .

  2. Martin Huckle says:

    You must align yourself with your desire to be reunited, there has to only be love for your husband. No fear, anger, hate, jealousy, etc. Your first step must be to determine whether your desire is for the highest good; do this by your favoured method of divination (Tarot, pendulum dowsing, i ching, prayer or meditation). if you are unsure seek out a recommendation from someone in your community. IF the answer is “Yes” then devote time each day to a reconciliation love spell such as the one I outline here. The most powerful love spells come from the heart of the person who wants to change their situation so it is important that you do this for yourself. That does not mean by yourself, you will find even more powerful magick in performing the spell with others’ support.
    However, if the answer is “No” then you must find peace within yourself and move on, this may be hard at first but if you love your husband without attachment, desperation or anger then you will find peace within yourself and be able to move on.

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