The best day for a Love Spell is . . .

Oct 18

a Friday!

Fridays are associated with Venus the Roman goddess; Venus being the goddess of love, lust and beauty. Venus has various equivalents in mythology, such as Aphrodite from the Greek Pantheon, Shukra from the set of Indian gods and goddesses and Freyja from Norse mythology.

Looking at Friday as the day set aside for these deities and their common responsibilities for love, it can be taken as an indication that a Friday is a great day for casting a love spells or praying for your soulmate to come into your life.

You may also want to consider planetary movements when you planning the occasion to cast your love spell.  The moon can positively influence the success and power of your magick.  With the moon you have two choices in the cycle of the moon that can support your casting, either the New Moon or a Waxing Moon (where the moon is changing from a New Moon and increasing in fullness to create a Full Moon).

There are less opportunities to cast at a New Moon, especially if you want to coincide your casting with a New Moon on a Friday.  However, it is this combination which sets the foundation for your future love situation, so if you are starting out on your soulmate journey then this is the best time for you.  The New Moon supports magic spells related to cleansing and destruction.  Which means this time is great for clearing the baggage of past relationships and creating room for your soulmate or twinsoul.  If you choose this time to cast a love spell I suggest it is a spell that clears blockages, separates you from a previous love or opens your heart to start attracting more love into your life.

The other time to cast your love spell would be during a waxing moon on a Friday.  The waxing moon offers support to a spell caster who is looking to start something new, such as a new relationship or maybe to re-birth an existing relationship into something even more extraordinary.  So if you have already taken some steps on your soulmate journey then this is a good time for you to choose to cast you love magick.

Whatever your reason for casting a love spell then you want to put yourself in a position of connection and power to ensure the spell works it’s best magick for you. This means checking out the phase of the moon using a site such as’s Daily Moon Phases or StarDates’ Moon Calendar.

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