Love Spells Require an Open Heart

Sep 11

“Only where the heart is can the treasure be found
James Barrie

For spells to work there must be magic or energy.  That magic or energy comes for your connection with your source of belief (your god/goddess/universe).  To allow your-self to connect with the energy you must open your heart in preparation to cast your spell or say your prayer.

To open your heart requires a ritual of some kind.  the most effect will be a form of meditation where you visualise pure white light entering your body or energy from the earth filling you up from your connection to the ground.  Affirmations such as “I am open to love and healing” will help the process too.

To support you in opening your heart you should set up a sacred space in your home. Decorate it with spiritual symbols and images that will assist in your connection.  Candles are good, although some people seem to feel they are a little old school.  Once you are comfortable in your sacred space then start your meditation.  If you are experienced then you can just go for it otherwise get a CD or download an MP3 to support you in your journey. Once you have completed the meditation you, and your environment, will be ready with an open heart to begin to cast your spells . . .

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  1. annuaire says:

    Informative and interesting post!!!keep it up..

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